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Party Favors!

Last year about this time, I got myself dedicated ISDN service for a birthday present, which allowed me to bring back the BN Archive as well as host the BNSF and Santa Fe on my own server at home. This year, I've decided to again get myself better internet service for my birthday, dedicated SDSL service. I was a little more organized last year, and had the new line a couple days before my birthday. Due to demand for DSL in the area, I wasn't so lucky with DSL, but I'll have it eventually. The order has been placed, so within a month, those of you with fast connections should enjoy faster access to my sites, at least up to 416k, vs the current 128k.

Just like last year, I am again celebrating by having a little online party with higher resolution images than I normally offer. I eventually plan to build an "Action and Scenic Photos" section with these. As I did last year, I have chosen to make the images 1152x870 since that is the resolution my 20" Mac monitor is set at. If anyone wants to send me an ATI Rage card with 16 MB like what is standard in blue and white Power Mac G3's, I'll have no excuse not to do 1280x960 next year. Heh.

Well, the BN images are a little late, but here are the party favors! They will be here after today, so if they load too slow, try again a few days later...maybe I'll have SDSL and triple the bandwidth by then.

Burlington Northern

C30-7 #5001 (Moss E. Hulsey)
U25C #5637 (Al Seever Coll.)
U33C #5732 (Al Seever Coll.)
U30C #5925 (Moss E. Hulsey)
SD40-2 #6718 (Kent Charles)
SD40-2 #7070 (Kent Charles)
SD40-2 #7206 (Kent Charles)
SD40-2 #7220 (Moss E. Hulsey)
SD40-2 #7266 (Kent Charles)
SD40-2 #7823 (Chris Stewart)
SD40-2 #8069 (Kent Charles)
SD40-2 #8153 (Kent Charles)
SD70MAC #9567 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #9582 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #9671 (Charles Biel)
E9A #9922 (Don Jilson)

Santa Fe

GP60M #104 (John LaGesse)
GP60M #113 (John LaGesse)
GP60M #132 (Mike Bledsoe)
GP60M #134 (John LaGesse)
GP60M #141 (Charles Biel)
GP60M #143 (Charles Biel)
GP60M #145 (Mike Bledsoe)
B40-8W #523 (Charles Biel)
B40-8W #547 (Charles Biel)
B40-8W #563 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #619 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #626 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #670 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #686 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #686 (Charles Biel)
C40-8W #900 (Charles Biel)


B40-8W #517 (Wes Carr)
C44-9W #746 (Wes Carr)
C44-9W #4335 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #4444 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #4764 (Mark R. Lynn)
C44-9W #4784 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #4935 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #4971 (Charles Biel)
SD45-2 #6480 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #8811 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #9775 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #9899 (Mark R. Lynn)
SD70MAC #9916 (Mark R. Lynn)
SD70MAC #9925 (Wes Carr)
SD70MAC #9931 (Moss E. Hulsey)
SD70MAC #9955 (Charles Biel)

I think I'll hand the prize to Kent Charles for my favorite image from this batch. I especially like BN intermodal, and his shot of SD40-2 #7266 taken at Crawford Hill, NE on June 24, 1990 is beautiful. Lots of power, a great s-curve, even one of those neat fuel tenders. I doubt very many intermodals run over Crawford Hill as well.

If this isn't enough, check the original party page I made for last year's party.

Last updated: 4/12/2004

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