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What's so special about this image? It's certainly not the best one I have posted, but it is image 1001! That means I've finally reached my first goal for this site. Yes! Ah...where's that can of Mountain Dew.... I kind of like that little BN logo in the corner - I may have to standardize on that.

Locomotive info:

Locomotive Builder Date Date Date Previous Owners & Model: Number: Built: Rebuilt: Retired: Road Numbers: SD70MAC ??????? ??/??/?? --/--/-- --/--/-- ---- ----


I guess there are a couple of special things about this image: 1) I think it's the first night shot I've posted. 2) It is definitely the first shot I have posted with a BNSF unit - 9726.

Modeler's notes:

Sources of Information:

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