Al Seever
Al is 28 year old railfan/photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He lives and works near the BNSF's Northtown complex. Al especially likes BN in 1970-1986, and especially likes F45s, SD45s, and F-units, though anything in that Cascade Green seems to catch his interest. Al has been shooting for some time and like many of us has a few earlier shots he aquired from others in his collection. Lately, Al has been shooting so many slides, he just may buy some stock in Kodak (or so he keeps saying - note his e-mail below).

In addition to his BN/BNSF interests, Al works on Milwaukee Road 261, and will be a very active crew member on the 261's excursions on BNSF this summer.

If you get in touch with Al, here's his e-mail:
If you like his photos, drop him a note!

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