Dan Grobe
Dan is 34 years old from Aurora, IL. His occupation is full time firefighter. Dan has been railfanning since about 1995 and his favorite RR's are the BN/BNSF and the EJE. When Dan was younger he lived near the end of the NIFA branch in Aurora, so that's where his interest in the BN started. Dan now lives near where the Aurora and Mendota Subs start. These lines split a few mile west of Eola Yard, at the end of the Chicago Division. Dan also models the BN/BNSF in N-scale. Dan posts most of his photos to alt.binaries.pictures.rail, just look for the sender name of DG.

If you'd like to contact Dan, here's how to get in touch with him:
    e-mail: Railfire72@yahoo.com

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