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Now that I am 31 years old, birthdays don't seem to be quite as special an occasion. This year, I had something else I wanted to do involving one of my best friends, Aaron Remkus. If you are into motocross here is what we were up to. Sometimes it is fun to celebrate the accomplishments of others, and that's what April 12, 2003 was all about for me. Aaron would probably say my motocross photography is an accomplishment in itself. Anyway, after the race we even managed to cobble together a decent late evening party.

Speaking of celebrating the accomplishments of others, I thought the topic over and decided it would be appropriate to do something similar here. I have not spent much time with Mark Lynn, but he has had a stong positive influence on my railroad photography. It is a challenge to keep up with him when it comes to quantity and quality for trading slides, but challenges like that are a good thing.

51 weeks ago, I posted a handful os slides Mark had taken in some exotic California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Montana locations. Time to finish what I started. I have some decent Mark inspired action I shot in 2002, but I'll save that for next year. All the photos below are by Mark Lynn:

Except this one of yours truly
by Aaron Remkus:

Burlington Northern

C30-7 #5100 E. of Power, MT
SD40-2 #7851 Eddy, MT
SD40-2 #7851 Noxon, MT
SD70MAC #9465 Breezy Point, NE
SD70MAC #9521 W. of Breezy Point, NE
SD70MAC #9525 Rushville, MO
SD70MAC #9572 Breezy Point, NE
SD70MAC #9572 W. of Breezy Point, NE
SD70MAC #9583 Waldron, MO
SD70MAC #9615 Kendallvile, IN
SD70MAC #9641 Sadler, MO

Santa Fe

B40-8W #521 Waldron, MO
GP60 #4025 Topock, AZ


C44-9W #961 Meriwether, MT
C44-9W #1010 Bison, MT
C44-9W #1055 Winter Park, CO
C44-9W #1077 Farley, MO
C44-9W #4340 Meriwether, MT
C44-9W #4340 Summit, MT
C44-9W #4423 Kansas City, MO
C44-9W #4718 Ludlow, CA
C44-9W #4776 Kansas City, MO
C44-9W #5474 Matfield Green, KS
C44-9W #5477 Kansas City, KS
AC4400CW #5601 Fontana, KS
SD9 #6105 Superior, WI
SD40-2 #7224 W. of Breezy Point, NE
SD40-2 #7257 Breezy Point, NE
SD70MAC #8823 Belmont, NE
SD60M #9299 Lenexa, KS
SD70MAC #9791 Bonita, KS

One thing I ought to point out is that Mark and I have been geographically close on occasion. I don't have any samples of "he was standing right next to me" photos, but we were both chasing BNSF 961 among other things on October 9, 1999 and while he did better on the action shot, here is my roster grab of the same train. I did stand next to him and shoot this train a few minutes later ... and learned a bit (the hard way) about desirable equipment for quality action photograpy. Lesson one - long telephotos ( > 200mm ) with low f-stops ( < f4 ) are good. Lesson two - not all tripods are created equal.

If you have never seen one of these birthday party pages, then you are in for a real treat. I keep them somewhat hidden, but they do not go away from year to year. If you can't get enough of photos like these, then you may also want to check out the 2002 Party, 2001 Party, 2000 Party, or the first 1999 Party.

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