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Party Favors!

Another year, another party. About 365 days ago, I predicted that today I would post some action inspired by Mark Lynn that I took in Montana in 2002. Many subjects featured today are still inspired by Mark (most Montana and Nebraska locations), however instead of being from the 2002 trip, these are all from 2003.

Perhaps the most notable event for me in the past 12 months was the purchase of a Kodak DCS 760 6 megapixel digital SLR camera in September 2003. All photos featured on this "party favor" page are of digital origin from the Kodak camera. When I made the switch from film to digital I wanted it to be a change for the better, allowing me to take both higher quantity and quality photos. I have not been disappointed with my choice. I do still shoot slides for rosters of units that are not moving, but all action is now digital.

While I still have not managed to up the images to 1280x960 as mentioned a few years back, I have found the 1280x854 display on the 15" Powerbook with its nearly 3x2 aspect ratio makes viewing of scanned 35mm slides and negatives a pleasure. Therefore, I have made all these images 1280x854. Maybe I'll get a 17" Powerbook or a 20-23" Apple Cinema Display one of these years and celebrate by sharing the living large look.

So without further ado, enjoy the following images!

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Last updated: 4/12/2004

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