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What I meant to do on April 12, 2005...

The year took a while to review, but I'm finally at a stopping point. While I took a lot of photos over the past year, I really did not get that much BNSF action in exotic locations. Plus most of the good action I did get happened to have Heritage II C44-9W's on the lead. As many times as I've heard the term "Dash 9 boredom" among BNSF fans, I figured I'd go for a different theme this year. I did allow a few C44-9W's to slip in, and there is a little bit of Heritage II paint, but to make it this year, I decided the lead unit had to be something other than Heritage II paint. The upside of this is an interesting variety of motive power and mostly mixed consists. One standout matched set is three GP9's still in Santa Fe paint.

For those of you into ultra modern subjects, with a little help from contributor Wes Carr, I also have action shots of the two variations of the new BNSF logo on GE ES44DC's. And for those of you interested in the date of these photos, thanks to Chad Hewitt I have started the practice of entering basic IPTC data in these photos. If you don't know what that means, consider researching the term and you may learn something new today!

The most notable event for me in the past 12 months was the purchase of a house in Arlington, Texas so now I have a lot more space to keep the photo collection and model trains. That expense caused me to give up the T1 line in favor of slower and far less costly DSL service. Fortunately DSL has proved reliable so far.

My apologies for the delay if you were expecting these on April 12. Hope you enjoy the following images!

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