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It's April 12th again, and that means Party Favors!

Once again, it's time for some party favors. Since I more or less skipped over 2006, this year I've got 72 picked out to make up for the 36 I didn't have for April 12, 2006.

I'm trying a new look for thumbnails, based on work I've done on a not so little project to better organize my digital photos and perhaps trade a few CD's and/or DVD's of with others who might be willing to share similar files.

Also note this year's "Party Favor" photos are bigger than ever, 1920x1200 this time so hope you have a 23" Apple Cinema Display or an equivalent. I may go back and redo these to 1920x1080 to be 1080p HDTV friendly, but for now they are computer friendly. I don't mind if you make them smaller if that suits your needs.

Last but not least, I'd like to dedicate this year's party favors to my sister Maria. I love my sister! She deserves credit for organizing our family's Christmas 2006 trip to Scottsdale, Arizona providing the opportunity for travel through New Mexico and Arizona where many of these photos were taken. She even took a few photos of trains on the trip, and below is one where she got better results than me. Thanks Maria!

My sister outdid me on this one:

Party Favors 2007 - Volume 1 of 2

Party Favors 2007 - Volume 2 of 2

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