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Action Update: "Steve's Summer Semaphore Safari"

Amtrak & RailRunner in New Mexico and Colorado, August 6-9, 2008. Thanks for making it fun Steve, Skip, Jim, David, Ernie, and last but not least, Elizabeth and the RailRunner crew.

Party Favors! Two weeks belated, it's been a busy year.

Once again, it's time for some party favors. This year my "online party" is a bit low key, and two weeks after my April 12 birthday. I had no problem finding suitable photos, in fact I could have done 72 again, but then this might take me until May 12.

Last year I dedicated the year's photos to my sister Maria, and while she played a role this year too, I should dedicate this set to my aunt and uncle Mary and Lewis Gomer. Several of these photos are the result of a trip to attend their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This trip took Mom, Dad and I from Texas to South Dakota via Vicksburg, MS and Minneapolis, MN where we picked up my sister Maria. Contributors Chris Stewart and Ken Kessler were also infuences, as several years ago I took a trip up the Mississippi River and paid them both a visit. I had a good time, but didn't do the scenes I saw justice. This time I did better. Thanks Mom, Dad, Maria, Mary, Lew, Chris, and Ken!

To me, the "photo of the year" is BNSF 9899 in Burlington, IA. If you think it is 3 times better than any of the others, that would be fitting. I will say some luck was involved, since I needed to have three things happen for the result. It started as 3 separate photos. I knew what I wanted, but it all happened pretty fast so I managed to pull it off without using a tripod. Thanks is in order to Joe Mellen of Toltec Images for instilling in me the mindset to take multiple photos with the intent of a result like this. Thanks Joe!

Also notable among this year's set is several new low horesepower locomotives that the BNSF has acquired recently. I may have had some better scenes, but these subjects are new and exciting so I decided to feature a few of the 2000 class GP38-2 rebuilds as well as some new 1220 class NRE 3GS21B's in action. Hope you like them!

Photo of the Year 2007-2008:

Party Favors 2008 - Volume 1 of 1

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