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It's April 12th again, and that means Party Favors!

Once again, it's time for some party favors. This year I have all my ducks in a row, having most these files picked out ahead of time. As luck would have it, I managed to score several of my better photos for the year 8 days before the 12th on April 4. Then to end the year, I picked up what I hear was a nice visit from the BNSF president on April 5th.

I did take one railfan trip over the past year, but I allowed the preferences of friends on the trip to take priority over my own so no BN, BNSF, and ATSF action from that trip made the cut. I did decide to feature 36 photos from that trip as an update to my 2008 "Party" page since at least the primary trip goal was to photograph semaphores of ATSF origin.

All 36 of this years photos are from the north Texas region, with no big mountains or rivers, just a few big (or small) grain elevators. All are BNSF, as you may expect. BNSF has provided a decent sampling of new power, with the new logo featured on 18 of the 36. I really do like the new and exciting, so with no particularly outstanding scenes to feature, my favorite photo for this year is of course a trio of BNSF's newest, 6600 class GE ES44C4's only one month old!

Photo of the Year 2008-2009:

Party Favors 2009 - Volume 1 of 1

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