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It's April 12th again, and that means Party Favors!

Once again, it's time for some party favors, get them while they're hot!

Photo of the Year 2011-2012:

Party Favors 2012 - Volume 1 of 1

This year's trip was to attend my sister's wedding in Lutsen, MN on August 7, 2011 but I did enjoy a little bit of scenery on the way there. This trip only accounted for 4 of the 36 photos, but I did score the "Photo of the Year" on the trip, so once again, thanks Maria! Oh, and Dad as well for all the driving.

Photo of the year was an easy decision this year. While it's been a while since I've seen or chatted with him, Mark R. Lynn still holds the distinction of being a strong influence on my attempts at action photography. If you have checked out all the past year's party favors, then you may recall this photo by Mark taken in Kansas City, MO. It took me a while to figure out where this spot was, but 9 years later, I can finally honor Mark with the honor of this "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" effort.

The rest of the photos are all north Texas scenes, making heavy use of the grain elevators in Saginaw, TX for a backdrop. The BNSF has done a good job of keeping the local genset power clean and usually in aesthetically pleasing matched sets, so they are particularly well represented this year.

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